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Loft 441 FAQ

Is Loft 441 handicap accessible?

Yes! Though Loft 441 is located on the second floor of the New York Wire Works building, it can be accessed via elevator. 

Where do we park?

Located right in front of the main building entrance, there is a fairly large parking lot you can utilize. If this happens to overflow, there is extra parking at the back of the building.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes! Feel free to bring your own food or hire a caterer. However, there is no cooking equipment on-site and there is to be no cooking of food on-site for any event. 

How many guests can we fit?

Loft 441 currently has a seated capacity of 52 guests; however, do not be afraid to share if you have a higher guest count! There is currently additional room in the venue space to add more tables and chairs for a larger guest capacity.

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